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Aline Nasseh Artisan Chocolates & Confections

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long do my Bonbons last and how should I store them?

For the best storage, your refrigerator is the ideal spot. Our bonbons are made from scratch with fresh ingredients with no preservatives and maintain their freshness for up to 2 weeks when stored at room temperature, and an impressive 2 months when kept in the fridge. When you’re ready to savor these delights, simply remove them from storage and allow them to reach room temperature, delivering the intended flavor experience. If you have concerns about any lingering fridge odors, consider placing your box in a sealed plastic bag or plastic food wrap added protection.

Can I have my Bonbons delivered to my door? How long does it take?

Indeed, we provide doorstep delivery services to your location within the GTA area. Our online orders are usually prepared for local delivery/courier within a 24-hour timeframe.

Shipping Across Canada: To ensure your package doesn’t languish in the postal system, we exclusively dispatch shipments between Monday and Wednesday. Following shipment, packages typically reach their destination within a span of 2-3 business days. If you make a purchase on a Friday, your order will be sent out on the following Monday and is projected to reach you by Wednesday.

Exception during summer – Jun to Aug

Our bonbons are sensitive to high temperatures and can melt. While we can provide insulated packaging with ice packs, it may incur additional costs, especially for smaller orders. Ensuring your chocolate arrives in perfect condition and on time is our primary concern. We understand that the moment you open your chocolate box is significant, and if they arrive as a melted mess, it can spoil the experience.

Do you offer any choices suitable for vegans?

Certainly! We have vegan-friendly options such as Chili Pepper and Blueberry & Lavender. To check our current inventory, visit our flavors page, activate the “vegan” filter and you can select them.

Despite our rigorous efforts to minimize cross-contamination risks, please be aware that the bonbons are manufactured in a facility that handles dairy, and eggs.

Are there allergy restrictions?

It’s worth noting that we do not incorporate eggs, peanuts, and nuts in our Bonbons.

Despite our rigorous efforts to minimize cross-contamination risks, please be aware that the bonbons are manufactured in a facility that handles nuts, dairy, eggs, and gluten.

How are they made?

Every Aline Nasseh bonbon is a piece of art, meticulously crafted over four days. Using various techniques and multiple layers of colored cocoa butter, we create distinctive abstract artwork on each bonbon, thoughtfully designed to represent its unique flavor profile.

1st step – Polishing: The polishing process involves refining the molds to achieve a glossy finish on the bonbons.

2nd step – Painting: Each mold cavity is meticulously hand-painted, layer by layer, using various techniques. Diverse cocoa butter colors are employed to convey the essence of the bonbon’s flavor while crafting a distinct and abstract design. This artistic process involves the use of paintbrushes, sponges, fingertips, splatters, and airbrushing.

3rd step – Shelling: We pour tempered chocolate directly into the painted mold, then flip it over to form a hollow space enclosed by a delicate layer of chocolate.

4th step – Filling: We craft ganaches, caramels, pate fruits, and various fillings designed to be skillfully piped into each individual cavity.

5th step – Caping: Once the fillings have set, we apply tempered chocolate to the mold’s surface, spreading it evenly to encase each bonbon. This step also involves removing the bonbons from the molds after the chocolate has fully set. It’s the culmination of the process, and it’s where the artistry and delectable nature of the bonbons truly shine.

Is it possible to customize my Bonbons?

Yes! Make your corporate gifts truly unique by adding personalized touches. With leading time, we offer custom packaging, ribbon, tags, and bespoke chocolates that are hand painted specially for your event, we create designs to match the colours of your brand and event. Please check our corporate page for more information.